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Dec 5, 2012 6:00pm EST
... by december 22nd i was worried the health care system spoke a language all its own with unitedhealthcare, i got help that fit my life. so i never missed a beat. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. >>> it is time -- it is time for the "lightning round" on cramer's "mad money." rapid fire calls, i tell you whether to buy or sell. play until this sound, and then the "lightning round" is over. are you ready skee-daddy? it's time for the "lightning round" on cramer's "mad money." starting with lidia in california. lidia. >> caller: hi, jim. oh, my gosh, i love your show. love it, love it, love it. >> thank you. >> caller: kors. >> there are three michael kors, that incredible ad, boy, see that ad, attractive, attractive. there's michael kors fundamentals and everybody has to profit. when everybody has to profit, people are goica-ching. >> jim, how are you doing? >> all right. how about you? >> caller: good, i want to get your take on morgan stanley. >> i've got enough problems. i'm probably too negative. i'm not negative morgan stanley. it's fine, at $16, but i like wells fargo more beca
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1